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GCEL releases G20 Nations Case Study at the EU Parliament and executes agreements to deploy the Digital Economy Platform between Germany and Italy


GCEL’s released its recently completed G20 Nations Case Study, providing the foundation for the launch of the Digital Economy Platform to be deployed by the world’s leading technology firms.

In addition, INSME, BVMW and CONFAPI executed strategic agreements with GCEL to implement the DEP through 4 Benchmark Trades across the Americas, Asia and MEA including the European Benchmark Trade Lane between Italy and Germany that will create digital interconnectivity to drive greater trade efficiency offsetting growing trade protectionist policies.

INSME is an international Association of SMEs whereas BVMW is Germany’s largest SME association and CONFAPI is Italy’s leading SME organization.

The Case Study was performed with 90 G20 ministries, IGOs/NGOs, academia, and private experts, collecting nearly 1.2 million data points through face-to-face interviews across 19 industries.  The results yielded: 90.4% of trade participants have no integrated system and 94.5% want the DEP tools to be more competitive and grow trade.

The DEP deployment will be led by the world’s top technology firms that will realize a new USD 400 billion market opportunity, driving a multifold increase in earnings by 2030.

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