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More than 15 years of R&D has brought together a global coalition of public and private sector leaders working towards achieving sustained economic growth by empowering the digital economy.


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From A Global Policy Perspective

GCEL's members and supporters have been advocating the importance of the Digital Economy towards achieving sustainable economic growth. Today, the Digital Economy has been adopted by the G20 Leaders as a key policy directive.

From A Macro Perspective

More than 150 countries with nearly 75 percent of the world citizens, represented through their pan regional organizations including the Organization of American States (OAS), Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), African Union (AU), League of Arab States (LAS), and others, have signed MOUs and published economic roadmaps towards deployment of the Digital Economy.

From a Micro Perspective

Demand for the DEP has been established among trade participants at the ground level, as evidenced by GCEL’s G20 Nations Case Study of Shipment and Trade Efficiency Assessment (SEA) conducted in partnership with 90 G20 Ministries, IGOs/NGOs, academia, and private sector experts.

This Study involved small, medium, and large B2B firms in all G20 nations across 19 trade industry clusters has collected over 1.2 million data points with staggering results: 90.4% of firms do not have integrated systems and 94.5% demand new digital tools to succeed at the ground level.

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GCEL’s members include organizations and individuals who support GCEL’s mission for the public good.

Application for GCEL membership is based on the candidate’s qualifications and commitment to serve GCEL’s mission.


Qualified GCEL members are appointed to at least one of the below sub-committees that provide technical and policy advice to GCEL’s Finance and Policy committees:

Economic Development

Trade Development



Disaster Impact Readiness








Current GCEL members and supporters include senior public and business leaders, 150 governments through their pan-regional organizations, leading NGOs and major corporations with million-fold manpower operating in countries worldwide and servicing more than 60 percent of the world’s GDP.


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Levels of Partnerships

GCEL partners with several types of organizations throughout the world.

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Private Sector Firms

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Governments, international and non-governmental organizations, trade associations and private-sector firms worldwide have partnered with the HumaWealth Program.

A Better Future

GCEL’s HumaWealth Program has the aim of “Connecting the Strengths of the World Community, Creating Wellbeing Across Humanity” through empowering the Digital Economy.

GCEL offers four levels of partnerships


As a supporting partner, you will act as an ambassador for HumaWealth on a non-exclusive basis, speaking at events and participating in the issuance of joint press releases.


As an accepted member of GCEL, you can participate in general meetings and provide your expert advice and counsel. You can also be invited to participate on a relevant GCEL sub-committee, depending upon your field of expertise in areas such as economic development, trade development, cargo security, food safety, disaster response, technology, academia and SMEs.

Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) and Publications

This is a more developed, but non-exclusive business relationship whereby we work together on specific projects, with defined courses of action and deliverables. GCEL has engaged in MOUs and issued publications with many governments and regional and international organizations including the League of Arab States, Organization of American States, African Union, ASEAN Business Advisory Council, Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific, Indonesia National Chamber of Commerce, International Conference for the Development of Trade, the Confederation of Indian Industry, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Council of Saudi Chambers, China Top 500 Foreign Trade Enterprises Club, Union of Arab Banks, International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation, Turkish Industry and Business Association, BVMW (German SME Association), CONFAPI (Italy SME Organization), INSME (International Network of SMEs).

Exclusive Strategic Partnerships

This is the highest level of support, involving exclusive strategic and licensing agreements regarding global e-Commerce, e-Finance, e-Insurance and e-Logistics. To date, 30 of the world’s top technology firms with 3.0 million manpower servicing 60% of the world’s GDP have executed strategic agreements with GCEL as a first step for selection to unprecedentedly unite together and globally deploy the B2B and B2G digital tools demanded in a manner that offsets geopolitical, monopolistic and data privacy concerns.

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