The Birth of a new 21st Century Industry


GCEL's innovative global economic development program empowers the Digital Economy creating a new industry projected to reach USD 20.5 trillion by 2030, nearly ten times the world’s current total value of gold and oil production combined.

Supported by 75% of World Population

More than 150 governments through their pan-regional organizations representing nearly 75% of the world’s citizens, have executed MOUs and published economic Road Maps with GCEL towards deploying an innovative global Digital Economy Platform (DEP) delivering thousands of free business apps that digitize the USD 150 trillion B2B marketplace.

An immense value proposition.

This global initiative will expand world trade through increased efficiency and economic integration across countries, bringing major economic, social, and developmental benefits, particularly to SMEs. By 20, benefits include:
- Increase global GDP by 20%.
- Reduce annual domestic and international trade costs by USD 4.9 trillion
- Grow annual trade by USD 6.4 trillion dollars
- Create a new USD 20.5 trillion services industry
- Generate an annual USD 1 trillion SME grant fund to build SME capacity.
- Create nearly 500 million manufacturing, agriculture, and service industry jobs.

Our Initiative

We believe that addressing the diminishing trust between policy makers and world citizens is all of our responsibility. While monetary, fiscal and trade policies are important, global leaders are desperately searching for solutions that meet the economic aspirations of the world’s citizens and reverse the current pattern of diminishing trust.

We also believe that the strengths of the world economy should be connected to create well-being across humanity. GCEL presents an innovative global economic development program by Empowering the Digital Economy that aims to build the buying power of the mid and low income countries creating new demand for the high-income countries towards achieving sustainable economic growth.

In order to boost economic well being and change this pattern, has achieved a global consensus for the deployment of a DEP to reduce excess trade costs, ease access to financing and better connect with distant markets to grow trade and create millions of jobs.


Our Mission

Connect the strengths of the world community, creating well-being across humanity


Our Vision

Build the buying power of mid and low income countries representing new demand for the high income countries

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We have partnered with prominent organizations and individuals from around the world to deliver new digital tools creating greater transparency and efficiency that will de-risk doing business and increase trade. Find out what world leaders are saying about our initiative.

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