Empowering the Digital Economy


In a world of economic uncertainties, we must reinvigorate the global economy by providing digital tools to those at the ground level.

The Future for Real Economic Integration


Value Proposition To Attract Eye Balls

1.     Search Engine
2.     Email
3.     Information
4.     Social Network
5.     Communication
6.     Movies
7.     Music
8.     News
9.     Product Search
10.  Partial Financing – Payments
11.  Limited Logistics Services

Eye Balls Profile and Duration

1. Age: 6 – 64 years old
2. Buying Power: Individuals USD 20 – USD 1,000,000
3. Market Size: Global B2C Market: USD 42 Trillion Limited B2B Market
4. Time Spent per Day: 0.5 – 3 hrs
5. Primary Purpose: Information, Communications, Entertainment Buy/Sell Product

Matching Capabilities

General Match
Like / Dislike, Behavior
Reactive Keyword Search

Conversion Ratio from Seeing to Acquisition

1. Unsubstantiated Reviews
2. Matching Prices
3. Limited Seller/Product Non-Validated Information 


Value Proposition To Attract Eye Balls

1. Reduce Annual domestic and international Trade Cost by USD 3.7 Trillion
2. Lower Business Operating Costs by up to 15%
3. Increase Trade by USD 7.7 Trillion
4. Provide USD 6 Trillion Service Market Opportunity
5. Access to USD 1 Trillion SME Grant Fund
6. Generate 310 Million Jobs Globally
7. Use of Trade Apps Free of Cost
8. Point-to-World Integration, Plug-In/Portal-In
9. Real-time Supply Chain Performance Monitoring
10. Expedite & Increase Finance/Insurance Services
11. Enhance Cargo Security & Improve Food Safety
12. Ease of Customs Documentation Compliance
13. Minimize Post Harvest Yield Losses
14. Speed Disaster Response/Reduce Carbon Footprint
15. Maximize Physical Infrastructure
16. Access to Global B2B, B2G, B2C Markets
17. Improve Planning w/ National Visibility Dashboard
18. Enhanced Data Security & Privacy

Eye Balls Profile and Duration

1. Age: 22 to 64 years old
2. Buying Power: Companies Millions to Billions
3. Market Size: Global B2B Market: USD 140 Trillion to USD 337 Trillion by 2030 – Large firms and SMEs
4. Time Spent per Day: 8 – 12 hrs (using apps to conduct business activities)

Primary Purpose: Procure Product & Services, Create, Manage and Monitor Supply Chain, Reduce Cost, Increase Sales, Trade Finance, Insurance, Business Excellence, Grants, All Services.

Matching Capabilities

Specific Behavioral and Contextual Matching
Based on Historic/Real-time/Planned Commercial Activities
Proactive Targeted Audience
Product/Service Specific Attributes
Global Sourcing Alerts

Conversion Ratio from Seeing to Acquisition

1. Product/Service Quality and Price
2. Financing Probabilities
3. Insurance Risk Mitigation
4. Logistics Reliability
5. Supply Chain Integration Level

The above is based on: Dynamic intelligent scoring of trade partners’ historic, real-time and planned activity information validated by multiple sources in the same trade pipeline. Data accumulated and continuously updated throughout the normal course of trade activities across the supply chain starting from the raw material to consumer

Rebalancing the Global Economy

Trade & Economic Growth

MDDEAS will drive increased world trade and sustained economic growth, producing the following benefits to all:

  • Reduce annual domestic & international trade cost by USD 3.7 trillion
  • Save up to 15% on operational costs
  • Increase trade by USD 7.7 trillion
  • Develop a USD 6 trillion service market opportunity for digital services firms
  • Create nearly 310 million jobs globally by 2030


Multi-Dimensional Digital Economy Application System (MDDEAS)

The MDDEAS provides hundreds of Apps for the B2B environment free of cost to the end-user, created by the world’s leading technology firms. The above will generate a new level of information that was never possible until today. This information allows the creation of a smart B2B matrix that empowers e-Commerce, e-Finance, e-Insurance and e-Grants to a completely new level.  For example, the MDDEAS provides the dynamic scoring level needed to maximize conversion ratios from seeing to acquiring a desired product or service as well as unleashing a major market opportunity for the financial, insurance and technology industries. The MDDEAS enables the creation of a special purpose global SME fund that will administer the vast level of annual funding (USD 1 trillion by 2030).


21st Century 6 Elements Trade Efficiency Indicators (21-6-ETEI)

The 21-6-ETEI includes six key elements separately recognized by organizations (e.g. UN, World Bank, APEC) as being paramount to improve trade efficiency through technology; Integration, E-Documentation, Tracking & Visibility, Competence, Processes and Cargo Security. GCEL has combined these elements and measured them against what technology can make possible setting the foundation for the new millennium standard for growth.


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