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Axiofin Global B2B E-Finance Platform


AxioFin® is positioned to be the next generation B2B e-Finance marketplace.


AxioFin® empowers banks and financial institutions with new digital tools as e-Finance Channel Partners creating a USD 7.5 Trillion revenue market opportunity within the projected USD 462 Trillion B2B marketplace by 2035. AxioFin® provides customers of financial institutions online access to a full-portfolio of B2B e-Commerce, e-Logistics, e-Finance and e-Insurance services that improves customer profitability and long-term customer retention. AxioFin® e-Finance Channel Partners will be offered the option to become a Partner in the Global Innovation BankTech Alliance (GIBA) Fund, a closed ended investment vehicle which owns an equity interest in AxioFin®, projected to generate annual revenues of USD 2.4 Trillion by 2035.

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