Advisory Board

Advisory Board

GCEL’s Advisory Board consists of highly seasoned professionals drawn from the public, private and academic sectors with extensive experience in the field of economics, international trade, finance, insurance, technology, customs, cargo security, food safety and disaster recovery.

Captain Samuel Salloum
Co-Chairman, GCEL
Chairman, World Logistics Council (WLC)
Dato’ Kamaruzzaman Abu Kassim
CEO, Johor Corporation
President, Asia Logistics Council
Advisory Board

H.E. Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Mamat
Chairman, Asia Logistics Council (ALC)
Sec. Gen., Min. of Int. Trade & Industry, Malaysia (2006-2010)
H.E. Dr. Surin Pitsuwan
Secretary General, ASEAN (2008-2012)
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Thailand (1997-2001)
Mr. Yugi Prayanto
Vice Chairman, National Chamber of Commerce & Industry
H.E. Ambassador Masahiko Horie
Ambassador for Global Environmental Affairs, Japan
Ambassador to Malaysia, Japan (2007-2011)
H.E. Xu Ning Ning
China - ASEAN Business Council
Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz
Minister of Int. Trade & Industry, Malaysia (1987-2008)
Asia Logistics Council Chairperson, (2009- 2011)
Tan Sri Dato’ Muhammad Ali Hashim
CEO, Johor Corporation (1981-2009)
Asia Logistics Council Chairperson (2008 – 2009)
H.E. Pushpanathan Sundram
Deputy Secretary General, ASEAN (2009-2012)
Chairman, ASEAN - China Business Council
Dr. Makarim Wibisono
Permanent Rep. to United Nations, Indonesia (2004-2007)
President. United Nations Economic and Social Council (2000)
Mr. Michael Johnson
Member of Parliament, Australia (2001-2010)
CEO, Kokoda Capital Group
Advisory Board

H.E. Mohamad K. Amr
Minister - Foreign Affairs, Egypt (2011-2013)
Alt. Exec. Director, World Bank (1997-2009)
Dr. Mohammad Halaiqah
Senator, Jordan Parliament
Deputy Prime Minister, Jordan (2001-2004)
H.E. Nancy Bakir
High Commissioner for Arab Civil Society, Arab League
Minister of Culture, Jordan (2007-2009)
Advisory Board

Mr. Gregory Bird
Deputy Secretary General, GCEL
Executive, Arthur Andersen & Co, (1974-1986)
Hon. John Jamian
Head Maritime Administration
U.S. Department of Transportation (2003-2006)
Mr. Richard E. Gabrys
Vice Chairman
Deloitte (1962-2004)
Advisory Board

Rear Admiral Richard Cobbold
Director, Royal United Services Institute (1994-2007)
British Royal Navy (1960-1993)
Rear Admiral (ret) Roberto Patruno
Director- Regional Marine Emergency Response Center
International Maritime Organization (1998-2006)