U-The Beginning of Change



"We have lost sight of an opportunity to grow the real economy, since we have not yet fully understood the real potential of an integrated and empowered digital economy."
We all have expectations that 21st-century technology will make our lives easier and more productive. Unfortunately, the great imbalances between the economies of our world, which are increasing with demographic changes, mean our standard of living is too often declining. The reality is that we have not harnessed 21st-century technology to maximize its impact on our economies and our lives. The first step is recognizing the problem and that we need to listen to each other and collectively determine what form the digital economy should take to enable businesses to be more efficient, reduce operating costs, ease access to finance and increase trade.


“Your definition of what needs to be done helps develop the target, the roadmap and the tools.”
So rather than digital policy being proposed from the top down, digital policy is now being developed from the ground up by the very people that need to use 21st-century technologies available today. By defining what you want, you can help shape what the Digital Economy should look like to enable yourself to do the best job possible and contribute to a more prosperous economy.
Your definition of what you need to do a better job has helped develop the target, the roadmap and the tools needed. Among G20 citizens, more than 90% do not have an integrated system to help them harness the power of the Digital Economy and 94.5% want the Digital Economy tools. In accordance with what you desire to improve your operations, a “U-Grid” with an unlimited number of business apps can be developed by the world’s best technology people and companies. You can be part of the solution, as a user, designer, reviewer, monitor and developer.


"The ultimate beneficiary of this initiative is you, your community and trade partners. You are the beginning of change, yielding greater prosperity now and for generations to come."
This initiative has been coined as the 'Next Big Thing' because it touches us all, has a direct influence on our future well-being, and encompasses the global USD 150 trillion B2B marketplace.
This results in an increased buying power of the mid and low-income countries, which in turn provides a vast new market for high-income countries.
GCEL has gathered a consortium representing over 150 countries through their pan-regional organizations, NGOs IGOs and trusted technology, finance and insurance firms, ensuring that this global initiative meets the ambitions of all world’s citizens. It will reduce trade costs, increase trade activity, build a new market opportunity for the services industry, and establish an SME grant fund to further the growth of SMEs. Best of all, it will provide the technology tools as well as continuous access, at no cost to the end user.