SME Grants



"Grant applicants face a myriad of challenges to secure funding."
Numerous organizations seek grant funding to allow them to achieve their operational objectives for the betterment of their community and the world at large. However, applicants for grant funding often face a myriad of challenges that include the following:
1) Difficult and time-consuming grant application processes
- Applicants must perform much research to identify potential grant sources
-Grant administrators must expend significant resources to evaluate the applicant’s operations, needs & probability of projected outcomes
- Applicants often apply to grant sources without meeting the necessary fund requirements
- Applicants require specialized expertise and extensive time to collect the necessary data to submit fully completed applications
2) Limited eligibility and high competition for scarce funds
- Grant funds can be limited due to irregular donor contributions and lower investment returns
- Complex sets of rules exclude many organizations that may otherwise be eligible for funding
- Funding sources often change priorities annually, therefore, limiting the availability of funding for specific needs
- Multiple organizations are competing against each other for a diminishing pool of funds due to slow economic growth
3) Barriers to funding due to expenses and cash flow constraints
- Funding may require certain activities to be included in the project, which can increase an organization's expenses
- Approval process for funding can be lengthy, requiring many query sessions
- Funding is often provided on a reimbursement basis, which can strain an organization’s working capital
4) Local politics and bureaucracy creates an uneven playing field
- Awards may be encumbered with regulation and red tape
- Approvals may be subject to political bias
Clearly, a new approach is needed in order to build the capacity of organizations, especially SMEs which represent the cornerstone of the global economy.


“AxioGrant is the required foundation to empower a smart e–grant matrix providing a direct dynamic link for SMEs to the services of funding institutions in key targeted areas.”
AxioGrant is an entirely new e-grant experience that provides grants to SMEs for capacity building.
It has the exclusive rights to administer the vast level of annual funding (USD 1 trillion by 2030) derived from the Multi-Dimensional Digital Economy Application System (MDDEAS), which provides the tools and roadmap for businesses to reach operating excellence. As such, the smart e-grant matrix will evaluate grant requests, prioritize the allocation of funds based on applicants achieving operations excellence, and monitor the return on investment (ROI) of grant disbursements based on the performance of grantees.
The AxioGrant smart e-matrix will provide the dynamic scoring level needed to:
Evaluate Grant Requests
- Current and historic information gathered throughout the trade pipeline provides funding institutions with the data needed to process grant requests quickly and accurately
Prioritize the Allocation of Funds
- Funding decisions are based upon requestors' demonstrated levels of business excellence and the proposed projects' impact on economic, safety or research and development objectives​
Monitor the ROI of grant disbursements
- Access real-time data gathered throughout the trade pipeline to track disbursements and monitor actual project performance for each key performance indicator (KPI) included in the grant request proposal
Expedite grant request process
- Grant requestors can provide company-profile data and proposed business plans with a single click
Ensure equal opportunity
- Provide universal access to an online application, administered by a non-profit, neutral body whose members include public, IGOs/NGOs and private sectors organization from around the world.


"Broader Eligibility and Funds Availability."
AxioGrant provides a vast level of annual funding (USD 1 trillion by 2030) for qualified recipients through an integrated and seamless method of investing in communities to propagate a sense of hope and provide the tools for self-help.
Streamlined application and approval Process
- Online application through a global platform that allows applicants’ historical information to be automatically populated
- Expedited approval process, with no working capital requirements, due to automation with validated information
Objective management of a single application process
- Holistic evaluation of funding requests by a non-profit, neutral body with member organizations from around the world, thereby offsetting geopolitical and monopolistic concerns
- Objective assessment of program needs considering national and local development strategies and facilitated by the use of national performance dashboards
- Grant funding oriented to tangible solutions for problems as well as knowledge building