SME Grants
“Financial institutions are abandoning SMEs even while policymakers are aware of their significance.”
When policy-makers and benevolent institutions develop grant programs to bridge this dilemma, these programs are challenged with the following:

    Difficult and Time Consuming Grant Application Process
  • Require specialized expertise and hard work to prepare applications.
  • Applications require much research, planning and time-consuming data collection.

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AxioGrant has the exclusive rights to administer the vast level of annual funding (USD 1 trillion by 2030) derived from MDDEAS, which provides the tools and the roadmap for businesses to reach operating excellence.

It will provide an entirely new e-grant experience for funding institutions as well as for commercial and non-profit organizations alike.
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“AxioGrant is the required foundation to empower a smart e–grant matrix providing funding institutions a direct dynamic link of their funding services to SMEs in key targeted areas.”
“Broader eligibility and funds availability”
    Broader Eligibility and Funds Availability
  • Vast level of annual funding (USD 1 trillion by 2030), maximizing availability of proceeds for qualified recipients.
  • Wide range of eligible commercial and non-profit organizations including 19 trade-industry sectors, academia, industry associations, IGOs and NGOs.
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