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Following 15 years Research & Development GCEL has been officially chosen by public and private organizations around the world to lead the effort empowering the Digital Economy. GCEL’s global programs are recognized to have defined goals that meet the aspirations of most of the world citizens, the roadmap taking us from the present condition towards the defined goal, the required tools to implement the roadmap, as well as a global consensus. All the foregoing represent the foundation to ensure a successful and rapid delivery of the desperately needed Digital Economy that will rebalance the world economy and provide prosperity for our time and for generations to come.

The Custodians of the world economy believe that the Digital Economy has the potential to directly and indirectly increase world GDP by about:

This is only the first step in establishing a solid foundation to rebalancing the global economy, reducing the world's trade cost by USD 1.3 trillion every year, increasing trade by USD 1.2 trillion, providing a USD 6 trillion market opportunity for the services industry, de-risking the conduct of business to enlarge the global market place, reducing the carbon footprint, enhancing cargo security, speeding disaster relief response, heightening food safety and creating a USD 1 trillion SME fund which will generate nearly one hundred million jobs around the world. The below Program Highlights provide an in depth account of how this will be done.

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Program Highlights

Latest Activities

G20 Member India and GCEL Trigger First Steps to Empower the Digital Economy, Reducing India’s Annual Trade Costs by USD 9.1 Billion
14 Of 19 G20 Countries Representing 85% Of The G20 Citizens Take First Step Towards The Deployment Of The Digital Economy
The G20 Nations Case Study, a diagnostic assessment of trade practices based on what technology makes possible today, has now been concluded for 40% of G20 citizens. So far, 90% have defined the digital tools they need to do a better job. The Case Study that involves all 19 G20 countries will be completed in early 2016.
Malaysia Welcomes the Use of Bold Technology and New Business Strategy to Connect Businesses Globally
CCIF, MEDEF, the Association for Commerce and Online Services and ESCP Europe convened with GCEL to kickoff the France G20 Nations Case Study as a first step to deploy the Digital Economy.
France’s public-private sector representatives have committed to conduct diagnostic assessments of the country’s trade practices towards implementing new digital tools whereby France can achieve USD 40 billion in trade costs reduction, USD 16 billion in trade increase and 100 thousand new job opportunities in France alone.
2015 Turkey B20 Digital Economy Conference – Istanbul, Turkey
2015 Turkey B20 Partners With GCEL Embracing G20 Nations Case Study: “The Digital Revolution: Voice of the G20 Citizens”
On October 6, 2015, GCEL led the keynote panel at the first ever B20 Digital Economy Conference witnessed by more than 300 technology industry executives that will be invited via an RFP to participate in new USD 500 billion market opportunity to deliver the Digital Economy based on what the world’s citizens demand.
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