Trade Efficiency
“The lack of integration between the real economy participants significantly impedes the growth of trade.”
The world’s leaders agree that the key to boost economic prosperity is through the growth of world trade. However, trade is highly inefficient due to antiquated methods and fragmentation among trade participants.

The lack of integration between the real-economy participants significantly impedes the growth of trade.

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Trade is founded upon four interdependent pillars: commerce, finance, insurance and logistics, the weakest of these industries by far, because of fragmentation and inefficiency. At the same time, logistics is the linchpin that connects our world.

We must learn from history while leveraging 21st-century tools. History reveals that in 1956, the world witnessed the birth of the marine container.
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“By reducing the cost of trade, using advanced 21st century technology through the Multi Dimensional Digital Economy Application System (MDDEAS), we can maximize the efficiency of logistics, increase trade and boost our economy.”
“Increase global trade by USD 3.7 trillion, provide a new USD 6 trillion service market opportunity and generate up to 310 million jobs”
The benefits that will accrue from making trade more efficient through the use of the MDDEAS will result in the following:

  • Reduce annual trade cost by USD 3.7 trillion
  • Increase annual trade by USD 7.7 trillion
  • Maximize present logistics infrastructure efficiency
  • Achieve operational excellence through higher performance
  • Secure commerce and borders