New Millennium Standard for Growth (N-MSG)
“The flow of trade is highly inefficient because shipments and their related information are handled by many parties throughout the length of the trade pipeline.”
In order to address these issues, we must understand that the objective is not the creation of the Digital Economy for its own sake, but the restoration of global economic health. Experts worldwide agree that global trade is a key factor to create sustained economic growth. Thus, we must start with trade in order to nourish the global economy.
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These elements have never been quantified or assembled as an interrelated group. The N-MSG brings together, for the first time, the 21st Century Six Elements Trade Efficiency Indicators (21-6-ETEI):
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"The 21-6-ETEI represents the foundation to understand current trade-efficiency levels and the opportunity to achieve peak performance based on what technology makes possible today."
“Peak efficiency creates sustained economic growth”
When the real-economy participants achieve peak efficiency levels by leveraging the Digital Economy through the 21-6-ETEI standards, we will create a solid foundation for sustained economic growth, enabling a new era of prosperity around the world.