New Era in IT
“Trade is founded on four primary pillars, of which logistics is the weakest."
Let’s pause for a moment before engaging in the Digital Economy debate and answering these questions. All agree that the ultimate goal is to foster a prosperous global economy. To do so, economic leaders recognize that the engine needed to spur global economic growth is world trade.

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By maximizing the efficiency of global logistics, we will create the platform needed to enhance commerce, finance and insurance, providing the tools and the roadmap to create tens of millions of jobs, hundreds of billions of dollars of new trade and hundreds of billions of dollars in reduced trade costs. This is what the world expects from the real engine of the global economy.
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“The engine powering the new digital world - at once combining digital commerce, finance, insurance and logistics - is the engine of the future, delivering economic benefits to every corner of the planet.”
“The MDDEAS provides a point-to-world integration environment that removes fragmentation of the trade processes between the real economy participants.”
At the heart of our global initiative is a unique formula that ensures rapid deployment of the Digital Economy. The E-Hub of the World, with universal jurisdiction, provides the Multi-Dimensional Digital Economy Application System (MDDEAS) that connects the real-economy participants with limitless possibilities.
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