The Digital

Global Consensus

Global consensus among public, NGOs, academic and private sector stakeholders is an important element to expedite deployment of the Digital Economy Platform and offset any geopolitical or monopolistic concerns. GCEL is supported on a global basis by countries, international development banks, NGOs, private sector industries and organizations representing over 60% of the world’s SMEs.

Singapore, the World’s Number One Country in Trade Efficiency Supports GCEL’s Global Initiative

 WHY? Singaporean private sector representatives agree with GCEL that with the Digital Economy, Singapore can achieve:

USD 10.1 Billion in trade costs reduction

USD 98.04 Billio in trade increase

29.7 Million new job opportunities in the Asia region alone

Yet the three major benefits outlined above are only the beginning.

Enhanced cargo security, improved food safety, better disaster response and a reduced carbon footprint are other major benefits delivered by the Digital Economy Platform.

The ASEAN HumaWealth Program Document

 Mr. Philip Overmyer - CEO – Singapore International Chamber of Commerce

"GCEL has the potential to completely change the way in which logistics operations are planned – in terms of its cost profile, the way customers are served and goods are transported and shipped."




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