Cargo Security
“In cargo security, efficiency and security must go hand in hand.”
Efficiency by itself may compromise security; in contrast, overarching cargo security rules and regulations could damage the economy. 

Hence, cargo security and trade efficiency need to be considered together.
The implementation strategy for this security platform consists of three tiers: Compliance, Trade-Lanes Monitoring, and Proactive Response.

Tier 1: Compliance to regulatory controls and adherence to voluntary initiatives.

Tier 2: Trade-Lanes Monitoring to flag suspicious shipments and enterprises based on patterns of behavior, data anomalies, errors and shipment-flow deviations.
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“The Multi Dimensional Digital Economy Application System (MDDEAS) simplifies and optimizes compliance by all real economy participants, while enhancing operational efficiencies through expedited clearances.”
“MDDEAS will enhance supply chain security and expedite clearance.”
Within this balanced framework, there are two primary reasons why cargo security is an essential element of trade efficiency:

I. Enhanced Supply Chain Security: Real-time dynamic validation of participant-related and shipment-related data against domestic and foreign security databases aids in proactive analysis of deviations, mismatches or other anomalies to flag as being at risk or suspect. Heightened security protects both the physical well-being of participants in the shipment pipeline and the supply chain itself from costly or even catastrophic disruptions.
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